Code Compliance Survey Invite Mailed Nov. 22


Los Alamos County Community Development Department (CDD), using the POLCO civic engagement platform, will launch an open participation survey online seeking feedback on the County Compliance Code. Invitations with instructions on how to participate will be mailed to 5,000 randomly selected Los Alamos County households. While the survey launches on December 13, the first set of invitations will be mailed Monday, November 22, 2021.

Residents will receive the survey invitation in two waves before the open participation period begins December 13, 2021. Residents who receive the invite are instructed to choose a household member over the age of 18 to represent the sentiments of the household. The survey will remain open for two weeks, with a closing date of December 27, 2021.

“It is important we collect feedback from the community as a whole during the Chapter 18 re-write process,” said Planning Manager Bryce Ternet. “The only way to ensure we are able to address the community’s concerns in this process is to hear from the community directly.”

CDD is seeking community feedback regarding the quality of life in Los Alamos County, including Code Compliance topics such as property maintenance, health and safety, the Nuisance Code (Chapter 18), and the Code Compliance process.

The data analysis and the findings will be summarized in a report. In early February 2022, the report will be available to the public and CDD staff will present it to the County Council as part of the Chapter 18 update process. For more information regarding County Code Compliance, visit the Code Compliance page here:

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